Building 6619 HVAC Upgrade

Building 3486 Temporary Parking Structures

Building 6407 Upgrade OA Unit

Pre-Fabricated Modular ASAP Building

Building 4432 Court Room Renovation

Post-side Walk Repair and Installation

Buildings 4418, 850, and 6600 Roof and Canopy Replacement

Building 8452 HVAC Upgrade

Building 8470 Drainage and Waterproofing

Building 4215 Renovate First Floor Wing C

Building 6500 Power to Support TIPS

Building 4554 Demolition of Fourth Floor

Building 2246A Convert Conference Room to Office Space

Building 6617 Install Fence with Gate

Buildings 8605 and 9829A Range Hood and Heat Detector

Building 8605 Security Doors

Building 4706 Replace Riser and Manhole Rings

Buildings 910 and 4725 Repair Vinyl Wallboard

Building 600 Install Additional Sidewalks

Building 909 Replace Kitchen Roll-Up Door

Building 600 Install Exterior Awnings

Building 4201 Rock Avenue Demolition

Building 4551 Remove Asbestos Floor and Install Carpet

Building 845 Remove Wallpaper and Install Hand Dryer and AC

Building 8544 Install Waterproof Membrane to Exterior

Building 4552 Remove Asbestos Floor and Install Carpet

Building 6600 Renovation of Club Meade

Reconstruct Intersection of Reese Road and Ernie Pyle Road

Buildings 845, 9802, 909, and 3102 RE-Key, Replace Faucets, and Install Fence

Building 8470 Replace AHU and new Flooring

Re-surface Asphalt Roads at Various Locations

Building 8605 Multiple Requirements Project

Building 8605 Install Sidewalk Drainage

Building 4431 Replace Carpet

Building 845 Remove Wallpaper and Paint

Building 4418 Renovate Wellness Center

Building 2466 IT Communication

Building 77 Replace Gutter and Paint Walls

Building 4431 Replace Theater Rear Entry and Stage Drapes

Building 4415 Lighting

Building 2286 Install Power

Buildings 8541, 910, 909, and 830 Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems

Building 600 Create New Office Space

Building 1975 Prepare Fenced-in Slab to Receive ARMAG

Building 600 UG Air handler Unit

Building 393 Replace Carpet and Paint

Building 9801 New Boiler

Temporary Fire Parking Structure

Renovate Buildings 8501, 4215, 4216, and 2460

Building 8605 Install Security, Fire Codes

Building 8477 Install Carpet

Building 8605 Portable AC

Inspect and Repair Above Ground Fuel Tanks Various Locations

Building 2301 Repair Water Leak Damage

Building 4419 Replace Chiller

Building 4215 Replace Fiberglass Pipe

Building 7100 Replace Chiller and 3-Way Valve

Building 7100 Circulating pump

Building 3488 Living Quarters at Temporary Parking

Building 8605 Various Repairs and Upgrades

Building 4419 HVAC Controls

Building 909 Install Individual Temperature Controls in Classrooms

Buildings 4214 and 4215 Replace Roofing

Building 6619 Rebuild New Emergency Call Center

Building 909 Install Fire Escape

Tank Repair at Various Locations

Building 4216 Additional Renovation Work

Building 7100 Asbestos

Building 4216 PAIO Office Carpet and Paint

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